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Canada’s Most Respected HSA / PHSP

Canada’s Most Respected HSA PHSP.

Single-person startups to 1,000+ employee group companies agree: PreTax Health is the Best!

Minimum administration hassles. 100% legal compliance. Full automation. No black-out periods! Rapid reimbursements. Flexible funding. Real-time reports. Complete carry forward choices. Employee self-serve. We’ve got it covered! (see detailed comparison chart below).

PreTax Health System - Employee benefit management


How PreTax Health Compares to the Rest


PreTax Health


One-Time Setup Fee


  • Low Barebones Providers: $100
  • Average: $300
  • Highest: $300 + $40 per employee

Ongoing Admin Fee per Claim

 10% (+GST/HST)

  • Low Barebones Providers: 5%
  • Average: 10%
  • Highest: 15%

Both Online and Cheque Payment of Setup Fee and e-payment option for deposits into your HSA account


Cheque only for setup fee; No e-payment options

Both Direct Deposit and Cheque Reimbursements



100% CRA Compliance



Automatic PrePay and Pay As You Go Payment Options



Automatic Funding Reminders



Complete control of benefit categories



Online Claim Activity Tracking


Very few real time on-line systems

Online Management reports for employers


Few if any

Live reporting to employees



Eliminated claim blackout periods


Most have blackout periods that delay claims processing up to 3 months between benefit periods

Support either Credit Carry Forward or Expense Carry Forward


Few if any

Professional Support System and account manager

Yes, professional system for replying to inquiries, plus account manager.


Fast Mobile Claim submissions

Yes,mobile claim app for Android or Apple, submit HSA claims in 10 seconds or less


Watch the following 5 minute video to understand the unique benefits of the PreTax Health Spending Account.

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a form of PHSP (Private Health Services Plan) and PreTax Health is simply the Best Health Spending Account (HSA) in Canada.

Employers and employees want health benefits, and want control of those benefits. Most HSA providers think only of their own convenience, not yours.

Superior Employer Benefits

We’re one of the only on-line, real-time and fully automated solutions.

We’ve removed the complexity and reduced your admin time to the absolute minimum.

We’re also the only solution that gives you the complete set of tools to track and control fully your health care costs by employee, group, department or whatever makes sense for your business.

No Black-Out Periods with this Health Spending Account

We’re one of the only, perhaps the only, Health Spending Account, where you never have to worry about black-out periods. Most other HSA providers cannot process new employee claims for the 3+ month “runoff” between annual claims periods, creating substantial employee frustration. With us, employees simply continue to file claims, and our system seamlessly allocates it to the right period.

“The online reports and activity details are up to date every time I log in. For the first time we have total control of our health costs – it even reminds me when I need to top up my health care funding. I’m so glad I switched from our previous provider. Keep it up. You guys are the best.”

– Steven J, NextWayVe Marketing

Flexible Funding

Companies can fund claims in advance, pay-as-you-go, or any mixture, at any time. Other providers lock you into a specific funding scheme. With PreTax Health, send in as much funding as you want, when you want: our system will let you know when there will be a shortfall, and will always make the best effort to reimburse whatever claims it can. Companies can even specify a funding threshold and get notified when on-hand funding will drop below that threshold.

Rapid Reimbursement

No more waiting for weeks to receive a cheque. Direct deposit payment is available to all employees if they choose. Our entire system is engineered to expedite funds availability and claims reimbursement times.

Mobile Claims

Submit claims from anywhere using your Mobile Phone. Simply click on the app and take a picture of the health care receipt and it is automatically submitted for processing and payment, all in 10 seconds or less. There is nothing like it in the industry. Click Here to view a quick demo

Carry Forward Choices

We’re one of the only, perhaps the only, Health Spending Account, to offer all carry forward choices; including credit carry forward (unused spending credits carry forward for one year), and expense carry forward (claim for older expenses in the new year). Few, if any, other providers support the latter: yet this is the option most appreciated by smaller companies!

Employee Control

We’re one of the only, perhaps the only, Health Spending Account, where employees can file their own claims, while enjoying live information on their remaining spending limits and the processing and payment status of all their submitted claims.

100% Legal Compliance WITH IT-339R2

We take compliance very seriously. No other plan has been as proactive in thoroughly verifying CRA tax compliance. We hired one of the largest and most respected international consulting and accounting houses, who did a great deal of groundbreaking work to ensure our 100% compliance with CRA rules such as IT-339R2. This work, and their resulting Opinion Letter, made it evident that many other HSA providers have serious compliance issues.

Did you know if you are on a non-compliant plan a CRA audit could result in a large surprise tax bill?

Proper claims adjudication

As part of our compliance promise, we fully review each and every claim line item for eligibility and compliance under tax rules. Many other providers won’t do this, and simply rubberstamp claims (or review only a small sampling).

Sometimes employees claim expenses they’ve already claimed, or that CRA does not allow (such as gym memberships or hot tubs). This might be by accident or otherwise. We guarantee that every line item is reviewed. Without such guarantee, you risk your company being taken advantage of, or exposed to the ire of the CRA.

Stay on the right side of privacy rules

Did you know that company plan administrators are not allowed to see the details of employee medical expenses? Many smaller HSA providers require the employer to submit the employee’s treatment receipts: a clear violation of employee privacy under the law.

With the PreTax Health Spending Account, employees file claims on line, and submit their receipts directly to the 3rd party adjudicator. Companies enjoy comprehensive reporting designed to stay within the privacy laws: they can see information about their employees only in aggregate.

Proper Benefit Category Management

Associate employees with benefit categories. Set separate spending limits for different categories. For each category, different limits are possible based on single/couple/family status. For each category, apply an optional waiting period for new hires, and/or pro-rate the benefit limit.


We beat the competition by a mile. Our sign-up fees are among the lowest, and we’ll waive it entirely for moving from another provider. Only a handful of other providers offer lower claim administration fees. They also tend to create a substantial administrative burden for you, as they offer no automation. Their questionable legal compliance and limited capacity to review each and every claim item further exposes their clients to unwarranted risks.

“As an employer & plan administrator I love the online reports and visibility to all our Health Spending Info … we were using an HSA with another provider – and we’ve moved over – We are very happy we switched.”

– Dave S. Company Administrator, Oil & Gas Service Co.


Value means a great user experience. We deliver this value in multiple ways, including:

  • ease of use
  • online, real time convenience
  • fast payment of claims
  • minimum employer admin. time
  • flexible payment options
  • easy to set up
  • easy to change
  • powerful claim tracking tools (vs. having to call a help desk to check your claims)
  • powerful expense management tools with a click  (vs. you having to spend your valuable time developing and updating spreadsheets to keep track of everything)


  • Flexible payment options (cheque, e-payment)
  • Flexible reimbursement options (cheque, direct deposit)
  • Flexible benefit control options
  • Flexible year to year carry  forward options
  • Flexible reporting options


  • Complete claim tracking
  • Complete health funding  control
  • Complete health care expense management
  • Complete category control
  • Complete contingent liability control

Reliable and Secure

  • The security and reassurance of 100% CRA compliance
  • Professional and reliable support
  • Fast turnaround on claim reimbursements
  • Secure online system
  • Comprehensive per-line adjudication
  • Unlike low-end bare-bones providers, our automated systems eliminate the human error problems that may expose your company to liabilities