We have a soft spot for start-ups and entrepreneurs; you’re the future of Canadian business!

We also believe every Canadian company (outside of Quebec) should have a Health Spending Account; it’s as much a no-brainer as having a bank account. If you wonder why, see here — basically, without it your company is easily losing an average of $7 per person per business day — this figure could be double for many employee groups.  This amounts to approximately $2K each and every year.

In fact, a PreTax Health Spending Account is a perfect match for Canadian start-ups, because:

  • it helps you free up cash flow
  • helps you incentivize and retain talent, even if you’re not paying much of a salary yet
  • it can all be done easily on line.

We’re on a mission — to make it dead simple for Canadian start-ups to get PreTax Health. For example, we’ll be handing out invites with coupon codes that’ll give start-ups substantial discounts on our sign-up fee.

Here’s how this will work:

  • To make this manageable, we’ll only make invites/coupons available during limited times.
  • We’ll announce each time invites/coupons are available. You might want to follow us on Twitter to catch the announcement.
  • While the invites/coupons are available, you can request one from us or from a current user.
  • We’ll give out invites/coupons based on how much you want in. Ie people who request an invite/coupon from us and follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or follow us on LinkedIn stand the best chance to get a coupon.

First batch of invites/coupons will be going out soon…