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Should spouse and children be dependents or employees in our Health Spending Account?

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What does an employer with a Health Spending Account do if an employee leaves the company?

Lauren asked us: “How long do employers leave the health spending account active for an employee who has stopped working for their company? According to the PHSP rules, it is a plan of insurance — the employer is effectively the insurer. Therefore technically (like with any other insurance) when the ‘insurance policy ends’ (i.e., the […]


Differences between an HSA and a Health and Welfare Trust (HWT) like Benecaid?

In our FAQ we briefly discuss the difference between the PreTax Health HSA and Health and Welfare Trust such as Benecaid. The following are more details on the specific differences: First, we should note that the types of claims allowed by the CRA under a HWT and an HSA are identical. The similarities end there. […]