Michele asked us what type of receipt information is required from claims from private health centers, or on other HSA claims from an employee of a company.

Answer:  Our adjudicators normally look for 5 key pieces of information.  The health spending account claim information includes:

  1. Who is performing service – if this is a particular medical practitioner (doctor, dentist, chiro, massage therapist, etc – their registration / license information would be included on a claim receipt), but it can also be a medical institution in cases where the employee is filing claims for services at a private medical center.
  2. what services are being performed
  3. the cost of the services listed
  4. who the service is for i.e., the employee, or the dependent who is receiving treatment
  5. the date of service, or in the case of a special treatment it may specify a date range.

Adjudicators must receive this type of information in order to be consistent with CRA guidelines when adjudicating claims.

The PreTax Health Team