Todd asks about Health Spending Account Privacy Considerations and the Adjudication Process:

Todd: I was told by one provider I spoke to before you guys that they wanted employees to send their claims to our company admin person first, and that our admin person would then send the claims over to the them, as a Provider to be reviewed and processed. This doesn’t sound right. What are your thoughts?

Answer: Regarding Health Spending Account Privacy Considerations:  Hi Todd, your suspicions are valid. In fact 3rd party adjudicators (Providers of an HSA) must maintain strict privacy in the viewing and processing of claims information for employees of a company. An administrator of a company is not allowed to view medical claims information of one of its employees – this would be a violation of health privacy legislation. With PreTax Health, once the company administrator sets up the employee account, the employee receives notice and is provided with their own unique log-in and dashboard to allow them to discretely file claims.

The PreTax Health Team