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Our Story – Canada’s Most Compliant HSA / PHSP

Our Story:
100% Compliance, Full Peace of Mind.

We built the PreTax Health Spending Account PHSP, because we just could not take it any more.

Unlike other providers, a top international consulting and accounting firm has found our plan fully compliant with Canada Revenue Agency rules.

Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) are one of the best ways for businesses to lower the overall cost of providing benefits, reduce taxes and provide virtually unrestricted coverage.

The PreTax Health Spending Account:
developed by business owners for business owners

My name is Charl and I’ve been a small business owner for over a decade. My education and experience is in engineering and software — I did not imagine that this experience would help build a Health Spending Account (HSA) for a small business like my own.

Like many others, I researched it a little but didn’t have the time to really understand my options. The traditional providers were expensive and had restrictive coverage. I was skeptical of health care spending accounts and didn’t quite see how it could work, or even be legal.

In 2006, as part of a private project I was introduced to an experienced benefits consultants with over a decade of experience. This is where I learned that there were substantial deficiencies in the current HSA plans for business clients. This then led to the development of the technology that today powers the PreTax Health Spending Account.

I suddenly had a “bird’s eye view” and began to understand that HSAs were both completely legal (if implemented correctly), and extremely useful to businesses of all sizes. For my own small business, it would immediately create “extra money” for both the business as well as in each employee’s personal pocket, without spending anything extra (it does this by freeing up taxes we are all unnecessarily paying otherwise). At the same time, it would provide the lowest-friction way to offer health benefits to employees.

Today, the PreTax Health Spending Account is available to all Canadian Incorporated Entities outside of Quebec, including companies and registered not-for-profit organizations. It draws on next generation technology, the experience of benefits consultancy, and extensive research and review with Canadian businesses.

Frankly, I believe PreTax Health offers the best HSA available for Canadian businesses (our customers constantly tell us this).

Health Spending Account Canada | PreTax Health

Steve Hashman (L) and Charl Coetzee (R) business owners of PreTax Health. Approximately 50 years of combined experience in product development, marketing, IT systems and software for high tech and health care applications.

Why existing health spending accounts were not working, ESPECIALLY FOR SMALLER BUSINESSES

The existing HSA providers were set up to service large companies, and smaller businesses were losing out. HSA plans are one of the best ways for businesses to lower the overall cost of providing benefits, yet the existing benefit plans were too expensive, restrictive in coverage and did not have the flexibility that small business owners were looking for.

With further research, we discovered that the vast majority of HSAs were not automated – they required a designated administrator of the business to spend a significant amount of time in administration and cost tracking. What small business has time for this? We also discovered many instances where patient privacy was violated, and where there was inconsistent adjudication and non-compliance with CRA rules. Finally, there were few HSA providers that provided convenient and secure online access.

We set about to create a product that matched the needs of small business and developed the technology to allow for faster processing, greater accuracy, compliance and convenience.

How we fixed the problems that were preventing small businesses from using HEALTH SPENDING ACCOUNTS

From research with small businesses and entrepreneurs, a new HSA was designed specifically to match their needs. This HSA was reviewed by one of Canada’s largest and most respected international accounting and consulting firms to ensure the newly-designed plan was legal and compliant with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules. After investing heavily in technology and developing new coding and data models, the ideal solution was created, extensively tested and rolled out to thousands of users.

The result is an affordable, flexible, compliant solution that offers virtually unrestricted coverage to small businesses. The PreTax Health Spending Account offers a secure online solution that minimizes administrative time while ensuring 100% compliancy with CRA and privacy legislation.

The PreTax Health Spending Account was developed by small business owners for small business owners. It draws on many years of research, evaluation and superior technology with thousands of satisfied users who have benefited from Health Spending Accounts.



The Bottom Line: This plan meets CRA rules, maximizing your savings and tax benefit. Secure online administration and adjudication ensures quick, confidential and error-free processing. It provides virtually unrestricted coverage for owner-employees, employees and dependents while providing the business with substantial tax savings.


Our customers say it best:

“PreTax Health gives unrestricted coverage with flexible options … it was really a ‘no-brainer’ for us.”

Thank you for taking the time to read about our history. I am confident that you will find PreTax Health beneficial for your business and your employees. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your options.

I just could not in good conscience recommend any of the existing providers to anyone.

– HSA plans are one of the best ways for small business to
lower the overall cost of providing benefits, reduce taxes
and provide virtually unrestricted coverage. One of the original architect of the PreTax Health NHC Health Spending Account, a Benefits Consultant for 12+ years.

About PreTax Health

PreTax Health is a division of Adaptive Benefits Canada (ABC). ABC works with entrepreneurs to develop highly flexible, user controlled benefit solutions. We continually strive to eliminate constraints and restrictions inherent in existing solutions.

PreTax Health is exactly this type of solution; it represents the next generation in Health Spending Account PHSP, and has “leap-frogged the traditional approaches to Health Spending Accounts”.

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