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Pre Tax Secure Online Benefits Administration System

Private Health Service Plans in Canada

Canada’s Most Powerful Private Health Care Plans (HSA PHSP).

Our Canadian private health service plans provide secure and accurate on-line administration benefits for single-person start-ups, up to 1,000+ employee group companies.

Full control, real-time live reporting, complete visibility and flexibility. No burden. No human error. No other provider of Private Health Care Plans in Canada can come close.

How to use our online Private Health Care Plans in Canada


Comprehensive Benefit Administration

This is the main menu for administering your PreTax private health service plans in Canada.

From here you can edit employee information, control benefit limits and categories for employees, and view reports that detail how you and your employees are using their benefits.


Fine-Tune BY Benefit CATEGORY

Employees can be associated with different benefit categories.

Each category can have its own spending limits. Limits can differ based on whether an employee has single, couple or family status. (This status is calculated automatically).

For new hires, a waiting period can be applied, and/or benefit limits can be prorated.


On-Line Claims Filing

Employees file claims on-line, directly and discretely, protecting your organization from privacy violations.

Employees enjoy complete visibility into their health spending budget, giving them the ultimate flexibility in deciding how to apply it.


Comprehensive On-Line Claims STATUS

Employees can viewprogress on all their claims, all the time.


Prompt Payment

Employees are normally reimbursed within a week, provided there is money available in your companies HSA to fund claim payments.


Real-Time Live Reporting

The company enjoys precise reporting on employee utilization of the benefit. Reports are live and always up to date.

Employees choose whether to get reimbursed by cheque or via direct deposit.

Complete claims history, with full adjudication information, remains available to the employee on-line.

Private Health Services Plan


Private Health Service Plan


Private Health Services Plans


Private Health Services Plan Canada


Private Health Care Plans Canada


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