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PreTax Health Affiliate Program – Terms & Conditions

1) I will receive $50 per customer who signs up with your affiliate code and the customer will receive a 20% discount off the regular sign up fee.
2) The company that signs up must be an incorporated company (i.e., not a sole proprietorship).
3) The $50 referral fee is processed six months after the referred customer is activated. This allows verification that the customer is an ’active customer’ (i.e., that they have submitted at least one claim). And, this also ensures that the referred customer does not ask for a refund on their setup fee during the six month period – the period where PreTax Health offers a money back guarantee.  If the referred customer is not an ‘active customer’, or the referred customer has applied for a refund on their initial setup fee then no referral can be paid.
4) If a referred customer does a credit chargeback, we will retroactively remove the appropriate amount from any future affiliate commissions.
5) You must provide a valid email address for payment and specify whether you want payment to be sent via PayPal or via Interac email transfer.
6) If you, or a company your are involved with need a PreTax Health account, you must sign up through our normal sign up process. You cannot refer yourself.
7) This agreement can be terminated at any time by either party. If you terminate your account your affiliate account will be cancelled immediately.