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PreTax Health Affiliate Program

Become a PreTax Health Affiliate

Studies have found that most small businesses in Canada operate without a health plan of any kind.  In addition, those who have traditional health insurance plans end up paying thousands ‘out of pocket’ for health care expenses that traditional health insurance companies will not cover (or only partially cover).  We want to change that.  All of us know other business owners that could realize substantial savings by having a Health Spending Account (HSA). Now you can introduce them to the perfect HSA solution offering real-time convenience, built-in expense management tools, flexible options, and the lowest possible cost.

You will receive $50 for every referral and the business who signs up will receive 20% off!

As an affiliate you will receive a $50 finders fee for every incorporated business who signs up for a PreTax Health account.  For example, if you were to only one business per month you would receive $600.

If your organization does not accept funds of this nature we can also donate any earned referral earnings to the Charity of your choice.

The businesses you will refer will also benefit because when they enter your affiliate code on check out they will receive an instant 20% off their one-time sign up cost (i.e., they will be able to sign up for $79 instead of $99).

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get referrals

To minimize the time it takes for you to get referrals we have prepared a short introductory note that you can copy into an email and customize as you see fit.

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