To sign-up simply click on the following link for direct access….

Fill in your name and email and you will then be immediately redirected to the sign-up screen (another link will also be sent to your email, just in case)

The sign-up process is very straightforward and should only take a couple of minutes.  There is a one-time setup fee of only $99 per company (regardless of the number of employees) and the only ongoing fee you will pay is the 10% admin fee on processed claims (plus HST on the admin fee).  With PreTax Health there are NO hidden fees.

The most difficult part of the enrollment is setting your benefit period.  The vast majority of companies set their benefit period to correspond with their fiscal year end. If this is your first HSA you can setup your first benefit period for a maximum of 24 months, i.e., you can claim health expensesup to 24 months back from the end date that you set for your benefit period.  This is provided you have not previously claimed these expenses before on another benefit plan, or as a medical expense on your personal taxes.

After you sign-up you will receive confirmation that your account is setup and you will be  able to file claims right away.  You will receive a starter package with instructions but we are sure you will find the system intuitive and easy to use.  In addition, you will be assigned a personal representative  to help get you setup and answer any questions you may have.  

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